Rug cleaning

We understand that you oriental rug or area rugs were purchased for their originality and beauty and they are works of art that increase in value over time. Therefore we understand how important it is to maintain your rug. Over time your rug does increase in value but so does it need to be maintained more thoroughly this can be insured by professional and thoroughly rug cleaning techniques.

E&D Carpet Cleaning send only its properly trained professionals to handle the rug cleaning. They begin by first carefully identifying the fabric of the rug and matching that to the appropriate method of cleaning and chemicals to be used.

The rug must first be treated to dissolves any soils and dirt with the appropriate ph levels. The rug is then de neutralized and all aqueous solutions are extracted by the powerful vacuum of the machine. The ph balance of the rug is then restored to its original.

We guarantee all of our work to assure complete customer satisfaction.

Our prices are the most competitive on the market and our service is outstanding:

Small Size Rug20.00
Large Size Rug30.00



Please note that minimum price is £50 per visit. Congestion charge and parking may apply for central London.