Office Cleaning

E&D Cleaning Services has some of the best office cleaning services and with us you are guaranteed a first class cleaning of your office constantly throughout the duration of your contract.

Our office cleaning services is offered 24 hours a day and is booked at a convenient time for your company needs. We offer office cleaning services from once a week up to a daily office cleaning service. E&D Cleaning services will send a supervisor to your office to discuss you office cleaning needs and to establish a cleaning schedule.

All our cleaners have previous office cleaning experience and are thoroughly vetted and insured against any damages that may occur.

Upon engaging E&D Cleaning Services for your office cleaning needs you will be provided with a dedicated site manager as a single point of contact, you will recieve monthly statement with the visits done for easy monitoring and our supervisor will visit you office after cleaning sessions to maintain a high standard of cleaning.

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We can supply cleaners at short notice and our great team offers constant reliable service to our clients. We offer a wide range of cleaning services and we clean offices throughout London as well as offer many additional value-for-money services including carpet cleaning and upholstery cleaning.

E&D Cleaning Service is very thorough in our vetting procedure. You will have access to references from previous and/or current employers as well as assurance that the cleaner's address and identity details are checked.

E&D's cleaners are:

  • Carefully Vetted and Security Checked
  • TRAINEE to uphold good standard and MONITORED
  • Live LOCAL and available all the time
  • We offer 24 hours cleaning at your convenience

We offer extremely competitive rates. For more information about our rates, cleaners and satisfied customers, please feel free to contact us.