House Keeping

E&D Cleaning Services offers housekeeping for larger properties and more influential clients. Housekeeping is similar to regular domestic cleaning however there are a few differences. In housekeeping the lady would be required to work more than one day per week at the same property and her duties would involve more than just cleaning but rather taking care of the property including; cleaning, ironing, cooking, taking care of shopping, light gardening, coordinating subcontractors on the property and etc.

With housekeeping contract we precede in 2 ways either we supply you the person and you go with them through the property to give her task this is usually done when we are taking over from previous housekeeper and their tasks are known for the particular property. Second approach is for clients that are having a housekeeper for the first time we offer a free consultation and our consultant draws up the tasks that need to be preformed at that particular property.


We are a flexible company and are here to facilitate you so we will always help you and work around your wishes at the end of the day you will receive a great housekeeper that will simplify your life.