Domestic Cleaning and Ironing

 E&D Cleaning Services offers regular domestic cleaning and ironing. The cleaner will be available for minimum of 3 hours per visit and can be booked for a number of days per week depending on your requirements. Our cleaners are reliable and hardworking. We have cleaners which are able to work as housekeeper for longer hours per day taking care of more than just cleaning in your property.

 Our domestic cleaning services is outstanding and at an outstanding value. We will relieve you of the cleaning hassle and its organisation by introducing you a good cleaner and the easy services for booking a cleaner that our company provides. Our cleaners do ironing work as well for your convenience so no need to hire a special person for the ironing or use the dry cleaners services. Cleaners can be booked on weekly basis for as many days as you require and as many hours as you require. What you need to do is an estimate of the work to be done and how many hours it would take alternatively we will do that estimation for you.

 We have a very easy booking system: Book free visit of one of our representatives to discuss you requirements and take your order in the convenience of your home; book a domestic cleaner via the website or gives us a call and book a cleaner.

E&D's cleaners are:

  • Carefully Vetted and Security Checked
  • TRAINED to uphold good standard and MONITORED
  • Live LOCAL and available all the time

Our company understands how valuable your time is.

 The price is £9.50 per hour total. That consists of £6.50 cleaner payment and £3 Agency vetting, management & insurance fee. Once a cleaner is allocated and you are satisfied with that cleaner you will have that cleaner all the time. Should the cleaner be sick or on holiday we will provide you with substitute cleaner at no extra costs. Our company will be monitoring all the time on the service the cleaner is providing to uphold quality service.

 Please note that you are required to provide cleaning materials and equipment. We can provide cleaning materials at £11.50 per hour total. Minimum booking per visit is 3 hours


 Usually it takes us 2-3 days to arrange you a suitable cleaner however we can organise the services at a short period should it be required explicitly. Minimum booking is for 2 hours per visit and cleaning materials can be provided if necessary at additional cost. It is recommended that you leave a written note of the task to be performed for the cleaner for each session.

 All our cleaners have company uniform and company ID for security reasons. Currently our cleaners cover the London area. With our wide range of professional cleaning and domestic services we are constantly expanding to cover more areas.

 Typical cleaning tasks performed:

 Kitchen - clean inside/outside all kitchen cupboards, clean inside/outside of oven, clean inside/outside microwave, wash inside/outside of dishwasher, clean inside/outside fridge, damp wipe all kitchen countertops, clean hob/ grill, sweep and wash hard surface floors, discale and clean sink.

 Bathrooms - scrub and disinfect bathroom floors, scrub and disinfect toilet, clean and discale bath & showers, shower doors and tiles, scrub and discale bathroom sinks, wipe all counters, clean mirrors, wipe skirting boards and door frame.

 Bedrooms - vacuum and mop (if needed), clean mirrors, remove litter, remove cobwebs, clean windows inside, dust and wash window sills and ledges, vacuum carpet edges, clean inside cupboards and wardrobes.

 Living room- vacuum and mop (if needed), vacuum carpet edges, clean mirrors, polish table, clean and polish all surfaces, clean pictures, wipe skirting boards and door frame, remove cobwebs; clean windows inside; dust and wash window sills and window frames, remove litters;

 Hallway- vacuum and mop (if needed), vacuum carpet edges, clean mirrors, wipe skirting boards and door frame, remove cobwebs.