Warehouse Cleaning

As a specialist in Industrial Cleaning, E&D Cleaning services carries out a diverse and extensive range of industrial warehouse cleaning services for many companies. Our warehouse cleaning and depot cleaning works include a wide range of surfaces including the internal structure, high level racking, automated racking systems, flooring, buffing, roller shutter doors and the external cladding. Clients often require these environments to be upgraded in terms of cleanliness, possibly due to change of use, changes in goods and stock held or simply to satisfy the auditing procedures of a new or existing client.  Contact us here.

In warehouse cleaning industry contractors we are involved with often very substantial buildings and warehouse premises, some are vacant, others are 24 hours operations, where safety considerations are importance and we manage all our staff on the site. In some circumstances we will already be carrying out factory cleaning services, such manufacturers may also have their own storage facility, we can also undertake a warehouse cleaning service.
We also clean chillers and cold storage facilities. These particular pieces of equipment require unique cleaning attention, conventional cleaning procedures cannot be used as often operating temperatures can be under -18 degrees and we supply special cleaning products for operating temperatures. These facilities usually have insulated white wall cladding which can become quite soiled through air movement caused by the chiller units and fork truck activities. As most are used for food storage, presentation of the environment and ecological products for cleaning these areas is important.

E&D Cleaning services have available highly trained specialist of industrial warehouse cleaning. We carried out a comprehensive and extensive program of cleaning and trading our staff for a racking high level cleaning and floor surfaces.
Warehouse cleaning and particularly operating systems in the warehouse are by nature inherently dangerous and risky work. For our staff the working of these environments is very important. For more than 7 years our management, site supervision and operatives have worked within these types of cleaning services. We take our responsibilities very seriously. All of our management and staff are trained to the following accreditation and have certificates for providing this service from our company.
As a professional warehouse cleaning company, E&D Cleaning services will provide uniformed technicians who have been screened, referenced and had their backgrounds checked who you can trust. The technicians will have been extensively trained by the company and will be able to provide you the highest standard of warehouse cleaning possible.

As a reliable company, E&D Cleaning services will have a range of high tech; truck mounted cleaning equipment that is capable of cleaning every type of warehouse industrial site and factory. Warehouse cleaning should begin at the highest level and work down to the ground. We are top notch warehouse cleaning company and we will be able to arrive prepared for the job even at short notice in preparation for an inspection.
We usually offer the following services;

  • Cleaning dirt and dust from rafters
  • Cleaning walls and windows
  • Pre-treat any spillages on floors
  • Pressure wash and power scrub floors
  • Buffing all floors
  • Removing all traces of oil and grease
  • Removing stains from floors and walls
  • Removing food and drink stains
  • Remove paint spills and splatters
  • Apply floor sealants
  • Clean all windows
  • Clean and dust roof
  • Clean, dust and remove scratches from all doors
  • Clean and remove scratches from all frames
  • Clean and disinfect all risky areas and much more

As a professional warehouse cleaning company we are able to clean your warehouse whatever the size, whether it is old or new and to such a standard that it will pass a white glove inspection. Call us for quotation and book with us free visit on your site. This will help us to give you more competitive price for the full warehouse cleaning.