Facilities Management

Facilities Management Services London

 Our Facility management services include maintenance and care of commercial or institutional buildings, such as hospitals, clinics, hotels, schools, office buildings, sports arenas or convention centers. Duties of the company include the care of air conditioning, electric power, plumbing and lighting systems, cleaning, decoration, grounds-keeping and security. Some of these duties will be assisted by computer programs. These duties are our support services to the owners, because they are not the main business of the owner organization (e.g., the core function of a school is teaching).

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Facilities Management Services London  The facility management function is to coordinate and oversee the safe, secure and environmentally-sound operations and maintenance of these assets in a cost effective manner aimed at long-term preservation of the asset value and also other janitorial duties such as making sure the environment is properly cleaned and sanitized for its tenants or building occupants. In those cases where the operation of the facility directly involves the occupants and/or customers of the owner organization, the satisfactory delivery of facility-related services to these people will be an important consideration for our team.

Facilities Management Services London

  The term facility management includes both management of the day to day operations of a property such as cleaning, maintenance and security. The property manager has an expanded role which includes leasing and marketing activities whereas the facility manager role focuses on existing tenants who usually are owner occupants. An important feature of facility management is that it takes account of human needs of its tenants in the use of buildings and other constructed facilities. The facility management field is that of outsourcing, where the owner enters into an arrangement with external organizations to provide one or more services in preference to their being provided through internal arrangements. Our Facility management is performed during the operational phase of a building’s life cycle, which normally extends over many decades. As such, it will represent a continuous process of service provision to support the owner’s core business and one where improvement will be sought on a continuous basis. Our team can be seen as an integral part of a coordinated and controlled process of design, engineering, construction and operations.